4. Telling the Story

The objective of PELEIO Storytelling is to simplify the traditional act of production while still telling an effective story. This section will shed some light on the structure of narrative.

3. Organizing the Story 5. Equipment & Location


3-Act Structures

Let’s review the 3-Act Structure, the standard formula for storytelling:

Traditional Narrative

Our 3-Act Plumbing Analogy

Following this structure and applying proper creative elements, an audience is guaranteed to be engaged in the three-act story arc. Let’s return to our highly-relatable plumbing analogy:

Traditional Narrative - Plumbing Example

PELEIO Storytelling Sections

Instead of using three acts of storytelling (which generally happens quite naturally), PELEIO Video Storytelling simplifies the sections of content required to efficiently tell a story:


Focusing on the Objective

As we will come to see, what we capture in the introduction section is not necessarily the first act of the story; similarly, the footage we capture for our audience engagement section will not always be the final leg of our story.

PELEIO Storytelling helps us focus on the content we need so we don’t lose sight of our goals.

The Four Components

By restricting our concentration to three main sections with our four main components—CHARACTER, ENVIRONMENT, FORCE, RESULT—we can hone in on capturing the important details necessary for informing and captivating our audiences.

Exploring My Four Components

Here’s a chance to brainstorm. No worries if you’re not sure just yet, we’ll ask you these again in a few pages.

How we will we get to know CHARACTER onscreen?

How will we see/hear the ENVIRONMENT?

What will FORCE look like?

How will we see FORCE's effect on CHARACTER+ENVIRONMENT?


Eyes on the Prize

Telling a story can be fun but also overwhelming with all the potential a new world can offer. Remember, all successful storytelling will connect audience members to characters onscreen and later leverage that empathy in a call-to-action (the message).

Three Acts = Three Sections

Let’s take a look at what happens we mix a typical three-act story with PELEIO Storytelling:

Traditional Narrative x PELEIO Storytelling

The goal here is not to confuse you with possibility (we save that for later, in the CREATIVE ADDITIONS chapter). Rather, it’s important to start conceptualizing our story in the form of our storytelling components and the sections through which we will collect them.

All PELEIO Storytelling really does is divide a story into three sections for answering specific questions related to our four main components.

PELEIO Storytelling Sections