2. The PELEIO Approach

The PELEIO Approach takes the age-old concept of a story and applies it to modern-day web media, from ads to fiction to informational videos. Despite the objective of your video, with the right framework, applying the storytelling format can effectively engage your audience.

1. Introduction to Stories 3. Organizing the Story


Three Sections

The first three sections focus on the substance of the story: the who?, where?, when?, what?, why?, and how? questions. The final four sections comprise of optional (but recommended) elements that enhance the onscreen environment.

Four Components

In this guide, we explore the main components of a story and how we can mold them to enrich our content while keeping the production aspect simple, no matter what type of video we are creating. We unpack traditional narrative structure and how we can apply it in simpler terms in order to feel confident to start creating video.

Send Us Your Footage

For now, this guide does not cover video editing (indeed, we’re actually trying to sell you our video editing service). After you’ve successfully collected your footage we encourage you to visit the PELEIO Video Storytelling Community to get your project edited.



PELEIO, LLC was founded by Jordan Urbanovich, a native Californian-turned-digital-nomad in the golden years of the 2010s. Over the course of a decade living out of a backpack, five of those were spent making films with local people all over the world. He produced close to 200 videos in fifteen countries over the course of five years. The focus of his films was never cinematic aesthetics worthy of Cannes or shocking viral content upvoted to the front page of Reddit; but rather, it was the people he met on the road.

Real Life Stories

All these “normal” people had special stories to share, even if they didn’t realize it. As PRCPTION Travel, “documenting the smiles not the fear” became a meaningful way for Jordan to travel to places he knew he would likely never otherwise see. His community filmmaking eventually lead him to opportunities like documenting grassroots earthquake relief efforts in rural Himalayan villages of Nepal, exploring the local economic issues of remote communities in West Africa, and following the collaboration between indigenous communities and multinational corporations growing legal cannabis in Colombia.


Filmmakers Are No Longer Necessary

If there was one takeaway Jordan could share from his experiences, it would be that he as a cameraman and filmmaker was never necessary for these communities to produce their stories. Smartphones are all but ubiquitous, as are cameras that capture video well enough to convey images and ideas. The role Jordan played in his filmmaking travels was a missing link between the stories of these communities and their online videos: the inspiration, permission, and empowerment for people to share their stories on their own.

Resources & Tools

PELEIO was created to fill the space in that gap. Resources such as this PDF and videos on our YouTube channel aim to support the understanding, brainstorming and organization of a potential video story. Our mobile app and web platform have been developed to help you collect and manage your story’s media with the option to share it with a network of video enthusiasts eager to help splice it together and put it online with you. We’d like to believe that PELEIO offers a little something for everyone, from experts who know what they are doing but dislike a certain task, to beginners who need guidance from the very first step.


A Community

PELEIO was never meant to simply be a company, and that’s why we call it a community: a network of people with stories to tell and the enthusiasm to work together. Just as we relate to characters in a movie or series, we can also connect strongly with others that we have the opportunity to collaborate creatively with, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Transform Perception

Video storytelling content can be a way to bring down the borders of our minds and create a more compassionate, connected world for the generations to come. The more human-kind can share authentic stories of our world, the more we can relate to and potentially understand those we have not yet met. It’s high time we see what happens when authentic online video storytelling becomes a trend among cooperative social networks.