7. Enhancing the Story

We’ve made it this far! That means we’ve captured our baseline content that can tell our story. Alluded to in the first three sections, the following are shots that don’t require audio or explanation. These shots will enhance the container you create for your story and characters.

6. Collecting the Story 8. Creative Additions

Context & Establishment

These shots visually describe the setting, with ‘big picture’ shots.

  • Buildings
  • Trees
  • Road
  • Weather
  • Landscapes
  • Rooms


Share more visuals, assuming that no audio will be heard. How can we see what’s up?

  • Action
  • Smiling Faces
  • Activities
  • Talking
  • Historical Footage

Testimonials & Reviews

Share authentic words of experience, reference, or validation from someone with experience.

  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Participants
  • Spectators
  • Team Members

Music & Audio

Enhance the feeling of any section with real audio directly related to the story.

  • Live Performances
  • Local Recordings
  • Singing
  • Environmental Ambiance