8. Creative Additions

At the preliminary writing of this document, this chapter has been added as a way to “leave the door open” for creative twists or constructive re-definition of PELEIO Storytelling elements. For now there is only one section; expect more in future updates of this guide.

7. Enhancing the Story 9. Working With Others

Creative Re-Structuring

Note that distinguishing these three main sections is a means of simplifying our production process, and may not always be cut together linearly. Remember this diagram?

Creative Re-Structuring - PELEIO Storytelling

As we’ve learned by now, our three sections can be but are not obligated to correspond with a three act structure. That said, most stories will follow a three act structure, even if it is non-linear. There are always creative ways of re-structuring the three acts if a story and the onscreen relationship of your four components, and this is where one can get funky with the PELEIO Storytelling techniques. Let’s take another look at our four components and another way in which we can imagine them playing out:

Creative Re-Structuring - Traditional Narrative

The following diagram presents an example in which the conflict (ENVIRONMENT) is introduced first and foremost. We would then see CHARACTER having overcome all odds against that challenging ENVIRONMENT, demonstrating the RESULT in the process, leaving a suspenseful cliffhanger to reveal what the solution may have been (FORCE).