10. Conclusion

This is as far as this guide will take you (for now).

9. Working With Others Upload My Footage

Your footage is organized and ready for editing—and with any luck, you’ve been able to accomplish this mostly on your own. Congratulations! That’s a big accomplishment. We hope you feel empowered to continue exploring how you can share your messages with the world in the form of video stories.

What Next?

The purpose of this guide is to inspire and empower people like you to capture your stories and put energy towards sharing them. The PELEIO Video Storytelling Community exists to make sure you have all the resources you require to get your video finished.

If you don’t have a video editor, and are not sure you can handle it yourself, we invite you to head on over to www.PELE.IO to upload your video files directly to us.

We have a team of creative video storytellers that will be eager to collaborate with you and put your story together affordably—after all, you’ve already done most of the heavy-lifting!

The Future Of This Guide

…will depend on the public response. Your response. Has it been helpful? Are you more confused than before? This is all an experiment so we would be happy to hear from you regarding your experience with this guide.

Alternatively, if you have experience in storytelling, we welcome your feedback. We are well aware that there may be things missing here, things that could be expanded upon, and things that might need clarification.

You are free to fork or send a pull request to our GitHub repo of this guide or, if you’re asking what that means, you could simply get in touch with us. We’d love to work with you to make this guide an open source, all-in-one resource for everyone that recognizes the importance of reclaiming the power of storytelling in our society.